Tuesday, January 03, 2012

COMING SOON: Swago-Swatonah Reunion

COMING SOON: Swago-Swatonah Reunion

All Ages, April 21, 2012
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This will be the biggest Swago-Swatonah 
reunion ever and is going to be a great 
event taking place in NYC.

Friday, September 29, 2006

December 99 Reunion

I need some help on the names...

Arnie Heller

Ed Berk & Jim Golden

Peter Geller, Tim Brody, David Allen & Kevin "Rocky" Jampolis

I need help with this one

Mark Holtzman & ???

Brian Berk & Scott Bernstein

Cindy Satenspiel & ???

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Here's a Guarantee

When you visit Swago or Swatonah you are guaranteed, after all these years, that you will look better than the camp. The following photo's illustate that point.

Left to Right- Phil Pine, Marc Applebaum, Mark Pearlstein, Dennis Shaeffer & Mitchell Kosches
The above pictures were taken by Craig Miller. That's Craig below.

Winter at Swago

Gewirtz Family Vacation

Received this from 1981 White Team Color War Leader and Senior Play star Russ Gewirtz (Conrad Birdie), he couldn't sing, but he looked hot in the spandex! Russ has recently written the hugely successful hollywood blockbuster "Inside Man", which is not about the guy who cleaned the toilets at Swago. Buy a copy when it comes out on DVD! I wonder if the movie has made it to Callicoon?

Saturday Morning: 11:30 am. The Gewirtzes wake up, and Maura asks me if we can get in the car and take a trip out of the city, overnight. Now, i'm a lazy ass, so i don't really feel like it, but then I think, I know how I can make this enjoyable for me, and please her as well."OK, Baby. How about if we take a trip up to my old summer camp? We'll stay in Callicoon, NY. It'll be really nice.""Really?" she says. "That sounds great." So we packed and got in the car and headed up there. First stop, Callicoon, and the Western Hotel, built in 1852. Run by Mr. Joe Naughton since 1970 - A nice fellow. $100 for the night. Walked Callicoon, which hasn't changed. Movie theater still open. Running "The Sentinel", and "Tsotsi". It's hard to imagine citizens of Callicoon going to see Tsotsi, a South African film, subtitled, but who am I to pre-judge? Dinner at the 1906 Restaurant, and an excellent meal from a varied gourmet menu. Filet Mignon, sashimi grade tuna, great wine list. Not that I bother with wine. Woke up today and headed for Swago. And here are the photos to prove it:

First stop, the Cadet bunk (viewed from the road).I sure hope all the Cadets got out before this happened.

This was the volleyball court. Social hall on the right side in the background.

Dave's house, and was this field called the Polo Grounds?

Mess Hall, or what's left of it, seen from the Road.

Rear of the Infirmary, viewed from the road. It's holding up quite nicely, which is fortunate, because the rest of the camp's condition is enough to make you sick.

Squash wall near the Baseball Diamond and the tennis courts. It was nice to see something still bearing the name. Can't believe this thing is still standing.

Canteen is still standing. No sign of the Gonzaleses.

Brody's House across the lake. Nobody home, but still in fine shape.

Blumstein House next door. Sign on the front says "The Blumsteins."That was nice to see.

Drove on to Galilee. This was the General store. Closed. Bummer. Really needed some licorice and fly paper.

On the way out of town, I saw a sign to another town and couldn't resist a visit. Can anyone identify this location? Serious extra credit.